Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel ProductsThese are specifications for the application and finishing of gypsum panel products and related items …Download
Con App Hourly Employee Vacation, Holiday Pay, and Sick Day PolicyHourly Employee Vacation, Holiday Pay, and Sick Day Policy. Effective 1/1/2024.Download
Con App Inc. Safety ManualCon App Inc. has determined a need for a safety policy to ensure the wellbeing …Download
Dimensional Stability of Western LumberAn explanation of woods hygroscopicity which causes changes in moisture absorption and desorption.Download
Evaluating Jobsite Environmental ConditionsThe ideal conditions for the installation, finishing and decorating of USG Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panel …Download
Gypsum Construction Troubleshooting Guide (Common Interior Wall Construction and Finishing Problems)The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide for identifying common interior …Download
Gypsum Joint Ridging and CrackingCracks in the center of taped drywall joints that run perpendicular to floor or roof …Download
Insuring Joint Bandits Won’t Mar Your WallsArticle Describing Joint Photographing, Banding In a New Home.Download
Jobsite Conditions for Applying Interior Fishing MaterialsFor the purpose of this document, interior finishing materials include, but may not be limited …Download
Joint Compound Drying TimeThe purpose of this document is to illustrate how job environmental conditions affect the drying …Download
Joint Treatment Under Extreme Weather ConditionsWeather shifts from one extreme to another can cause movement in wood framing (moisture related) …Download
Method for Inspecting Interior Joint Treated Gypsum Panel SurfacesThe purpose of this document is to provide a visual evaluation method for inspecting joint-treated …Download
Point Up Con App StyleVideo instructions: Point Up Con App StyleDownload
Recommendations for the Prevention of Ceiling CrackingEvery building material undergoes some amount of dimensional change from temperature (thermal coefficient of expansion) …Download
Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board FinishFor many years contract documents describing how gypsum board walls and ceilings should look prior …Download
Recommended Levels of Paint Finish Over Gypsum BoardThis document describes and recommends various levels of paint finish as the final decoration over …Download
Recommended Surface Treatment for Finishing Gypsum Board to Attain a Level 5 FinishThe purpose of this document is to describe guidelines for determining the visual performance expectations …Download
Repair of Gypsum Board Join RidgingJoint ridging, also called beading, is a uniform, fine-line deformation occurring at gypsum board joints.Download
Technical Bulletin: Environmental ConditionsMaintaining the interior temperature and humidity levels (environmental conditions) in compliance with the manufacturers’ recommendations …Download
Technical Bulletin: Judging Interior Treated Gypsum BoardSpecifying the proper level of finish on a gypsum board project starts with the architect …Download
Technical Q & A: Cracking Between Drywall JointsCracking between drywall joints due to changes in temperature and humidity.Download
The Drywall Defect Trifecta: The spec was met but the walls are a wreckMaster Painters Institute Sheen and Level 4 vs Level 5Download
Touch-Up Painting and Damage Repair: Financial ResponsibilityThe purpose of this standard is to establish the financial responsibilities for repair or correction …Download
When Humidity Makes Wallboard SwellArticle describing environmental conditions and paint moisture impacting finish.Download

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