Northern Virginia

Con App Inc. is the premier Drywall & Paint trade partner serving the Northern Virginia area.

Con App Inc. serves Northern Virginia

We are ready to work with you from Arlington down to Fredericksburg and Stafford, and west to Harrisonburg and Stephens City.

Con App Inc. is built upon four basic principles:

Unquestioned Reliability

We recognize builders do not have the liberty to lose days under construction because the carrying costs to do so are tremendous. As one of the most significant drywall and paint contractors in the region, servicing all of Northern Virginia and a few surrounding counties, our extensive and well-qualified labor force ensures deadlines are always met.

Quality Control

It is not, nor ever will be, our builders’ responsibility to ensure quality workmanship. The Quality Control Team at Con App Inc. performs periodic inspections throughout the course of construction. Our proactive approach to identifying application issues ensures the home is adequately prepared for builder inspection prior to homeowner occupancy.

Superior Workmanship

In today’s highly competitive market, the attention to detail and quality of the finished product distinguishes one builder from the next. The lasting impression left by our team will strengthen your reputation as one of the best builders in the industry. In fact, it is this foundational component of our business model that has seen our customer base grow from four builders in 2008 to over thirty in 2021!

Effective Communication

The Project Managers with Con App Inc. are equipped with iPads, Chromebooks, and cell phones to accommodate our builders’ preferred communication method. Also, our Project Managers are trained in various online scheduling software, including Co-Construct, Supply Pro, Hyphen Solutions, and Builder Trend, as many of our builders are using this platform to build their homes. Communication is critical. And we are prepared to adapt accordingly.


Ceiling trim

Contemporary Trim Installation

Reveals around windows, doors, and baseboard locations using various plastic and metal drywall accessories to create a clean, modern, and trim-less appearance.

Experts in Sound Dampening

Sound dampening options based on desired STC rating, including Genie Clip with Furring Channel assemblies, Quiet Rock, Resilient Channels, etc.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Enhance the garage space by applying an industrial grade floor coating to create a truly finished garage.

Small Commercial Space Fit-outs

Small commercial space fit-outs, including light-gauge metal framing, drywall grid ceilings, commercial door installation and acoustical ceiling assemblies.

Custom Stain Work

Ceiling beams, fireplace mantles, millwork, garage doors, soffits, porch ceilings, siding, shutters, and doors.


Level 4 Drywall Finish

Level 4 drywall finish is ideal for smooth wall designs decorated with flat paints, light tex­tures, non-continuous textures, or where wall coverings are to be applied.

Worker putting up dry wall

Level 5 Drywall Finish

A sprayed compound application on all drywall surfaces to achieve the best drywall finish possible.

The Northern Virginia Team

Gregg Frazier

Vice President

Brent Quinn

Director of Sales

Chris Shedeck

Director of Operations

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